Blueway Adventure, LLC

"Asportabit te Valebat" latin for:

"We Bring YOU to the Adventure!"

We are the first and founding outfitter that is dedicated to servicing Clarksville's Blueway System with affordable kayak and canoe rentals. We are Proud to be an 100% Veteran owned business!

About Us

Day Rentals with Transporation

All kayak & canoe rentals come with paddles/oars, lifevests, & watertight containers.

Prices include transportation to and from your vehicle.

See Additional Info below.

Park Route on the West Fork
$25 per Person

- Robert Clark Park to Billy Dunlop Park
- 1449 Tiny Town Road 37042 to 1930 East Boyscout Road 37040
- 2 miles, Up to 2 hours
- Meet up @ 1930 E Boyscout Road 37040
- 7a, 9a, 11a, 1p & 3p.
- Prior Prepaid Appointments Recommended.

Tour de Clarksville on the West Fork
$40 per Person

- Billy Dunlop Park to Trice Landing
- 1930 E Boyscout Road 37040 to 99 Oak Street 37042
- 13 miles, 5-9 hours
- Meet up @ 1930 E Boyscout Road 37040
- 7a.
- Prior Prepaid Appointments Only.

Kentucky Route on the West Fork
$40 per Person

- Trenton KY to Robert Clark Park
- trenton KY 42286 to 1449 Tiny Town Road 37042
- 12-20 miles, 5-9 hours
- Meet up @ 1449 Tiny Town Road 37042
- 8a.
- Prior Prepaid Appointments Only.

Mid Spring Creek Route
$40 per Person

- Low Water & Log Jams
- Oakland Road to Trenton Road
- 4 miles, 2-3 hours
- Meet up @ 1810 Tiny Town Road 37042
- 10a, & noon. - Prior Prepaid Appointments Only.


See Additional Info below.

- FREE Transportation of our rentals within Clarksville.

- $10 per person - Transportation of your own personal boats. Limited routes.

Overnight Rentals

Overnight rentals come with paddles/oars, lifevests, & watertight container.

We will deliver and pick-up the boats only to and from a Clarksville residence.

No transporation is provided to launch sites.

Two Day minimum rental.

See Additional Info below.

- $20 - Kayaks, each kayak per day

- $40 - Canoes & Tandems, each tandem or canoe per day

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^Accepted on Site

For additonal Route Info

How do we operate?

In-town trips

1. When you contact us, we match your expectations to the various waterways available here. Reservations must be prepaid by Credit Card to secure their booking and any discounts.

2. After a date and time are set, we meet up with you where you want us to in Clarksville, usually at the trip end point.

3. All that have not prepaid for their reservation will be on a waiting/space available status. Cash & Credit Cards are acceptable on site the day of the rental. We have a mobile credit card reader with us to process your payments. Discounts will only be honored with prepaid reservations.

4. We will transport you, our equipment and your equipment* to the launch point.

5. At the end of the use of the kayaks, and canoes we will pick up the kayaks, and canoes, also get you back to your vehicle.

6. All rentals end prior to sunset the same day, or 7p whichever is sooner.

Overnight trips

1. Contact us and reserve your equipment. All reservations must be paid in advance by credit card. No cash will be accepted.

2. We will drop off the equipment to you at your Clarksville residence.

3. The reservation Credit Card must be presented with valid ID.

4. You may take the equipment anywhere that you choose to take it.

5. Each day of the rental will end at 7p.

6. Each additional day is then billed in 24 hour increments, due by 7p.

7. When you are done with the equipment, contact us.

8. We will then pick up the equipment from you in Clarksville, preferably at your residence.

9. Overnight rentals will be charged a two day rental minimum.

All Rentals require your valid credit card information on file with your contract.

*See above pricing for transporting your equipment.

IMPORTANT: Please read & review our Disclaimers, Policies, Waivers, & Notices, you AGREE to be bound by these.



^Our Equipment has been inspected by the US Coast Guard (Aux)

Additonal Info

- All reservations and appointments that do not call or appear by 15 mintues after the agreed upon meeting time are canceled.

- No refunds & no exchanges allowed.

- $20 minimum charge applies to all services.

- Transportation services are within Clarksville Only.

- Tennessee State Sales tax (9.5%) is included on applicable prices.

- Prepaid reservations that cancel with a minimum of 24 hours notice, will have a credit with us that expires on September 30th of that year.

- Prepaid reservations that cancel within 24 hours, or do not show up at the appointment site and time are canceled with no credit and all payments are forfeited.

- Maximum limits per kayak or canoe:

    * Single Seat Kayaks, 1 person (under 250 lbs);
    * Tandem Kayaks, 2 persons (under 500 lbs total);
    * Canoes, 3 persons (under 600 lbs total).

- All children Under 18 must have a parent sign the rental agreement.

    * Children 13-17 may be in a one person boat only with parental consent;
    * Children under 13 may be in the same multi seat boat only with an adult.

- Rentals end prior to sunset the same day, or 7p whichever is sooner.

- Day Rentals are available April 1st thru September 30th.

- Overnight Rentals end at 7p, and require a minimum two-day charge. Each additional 24 hour rental period ends at 7p.

- Overnight Rentals are available year round.

- We transport non-motorized canoes and kayaks under: 100 lbs, 4' wide, & 16' long.

- Transportation services are available April 1st thru September 30th.

- Prior Prepaid Appointments Only means that a prepaid appointment must be reserved for in advance.

- Prior Prepaid Appointments have priority over all others and equipment that has been reserved and will not be rented.

- Walk-ups and last minute rentals are only allowed on a space available non-reserved equipment basis only.

- Replacement Costs for each damaged or missing equipment:

    * $5 - Drain plug
    * $10 - Watertight container
    * $10 - Orange square PFD
    * $20 - Lifevests and PFD's
    * $25 - Canoe Oar, one sided paddle
    * $50 - Kayak Paddle, double sided paddle
    * $50 - Kayak Hatch cover
    * $300 - Kayak, single seat boat
    * $450 - Canoe, up to three seats
    * $600 - Kayak, Tandem, two seats

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