Blueway Adventure, LLC

"Asportabit te Valebat" latin for:

"We Bring YOU to the Adventure!"

We are the first and founding outfitter that is solely dedicated to servicing Clarksville's Blueway System with affordable kayak and canoe rentals. We are Proud to be an 100% Veteran owned business!

About Us

How do we operate?

In-town trips

1. When you contact us, we match your expectations to the various waterways available here.

2. After a date and time are set, we meet up with you where you want us to in Clarksville, usually at the trip end point.

3. Cash & Credit Cards are acceptable on site the day of the rental. We have a mobile credit card reader with us to process your payments.

4. We will transport you, our equipment and your equipment* to the launch point.

5. At the end of the use of the kayaks, and canoes we will pick up the kayaks, and canoes, also get you back to your vehicle.

Out-of-town trips

1. Contact us and reserve your equipment.

2. We will drop off the equipment to you in Clarksville, preferably at your residence.

3. Cash & Credit Cards are acceptable on site the day of the rental. We have a mobile credit card reader with us to process your payments.

4. You may take the equipment anywhere that you choose to take it.

5. When you are done with the equipment, contact us.

6. We will then pick up the equipment from you in Clarksville, preferably at your residence.

All Rentals require your valid credit card information on file with your contract.

*See below pricing for transporting your equipment.

IMPORTANT: Please read & review our Disclaimers, Policies, Waivers, & Notices, you AGREE to be bound by these.





West Fork Routes

- Kentucky Route - Trenton KY to Robert Clark Park, 14-18 miles, 5-9 hours

- Clarksville Park Route - Robert Clark Park to Billy Dunlop Park, 2 miles, 1-2 hours

- Tour de Clarksville - Billy Dunlop Park to Downtown, 12-14 miles, 5-9 hours

Spring Creek Routes

- Trenton Road to Needmore Road, 2 miles, 1-2 hours

- Oakland Road to Trenton Road, 4 miles, 2-4 hours

- Graysville/Tylertown Road to Oakland Road, 8 miles, 3-6 hours

Red River Routes

- Big Dirty - Port Royal to Downtown Clarskville, 25 miles, over 12+ hours


Prices & Fees

$0 - Transportation of our boats

$10 - Transportation of your Kayak, each per single seat kayak

$20 - Transportation of your Tandem or Canoe, each per tandem or canoe

$40 - Kayak rental, single seat w/ paddle, lifevest, & container, each per day

$50 - Tandem Kayak rental, double seat, w/ paddles, lifevests, & container, each per day

$60 - Canoe rental, 1 to 3 seats, w/ oars, lifevests, & container, each per day

Groups with a non-profit state tax form, contact us for our wholesale discount rates.

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^Accepted on Site

- $20 minimum charge applies.

- No refunds & no exchanges allowed.

- Transportation is within Clarksville Only.


May 17th, 2014 Saturday - Tour de Clarksville 3 - Enjoy a day on the river with other paddle enthusiasts like yourself. We will have two floats in one. Everyone will begin at Robert Clark Park on Tiny Town Road. Two miles into the float, we will enter into Billy Dunlop Park. For those that have small children, we recommend exiting here. The rest of the group will continue to float to Trice Landing, right through the center of the City! The full route is 14 miles, 5-7 hours.Sign Up and More Details

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